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Electronic Device Business / Semiconductor Sensor Products

In addition to EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) for pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, magnetic sensors, heat sensors, and complex sensors, etc., we also perform ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing), including contracted development and design, such as developing packages for the said products, thus aiming to expand our semi-conductor sensor product business.

Highly-reliable CAN Type Pressure Sensor
Highly-reliable CAN Type
Pressure Sensor

Hybrid IC
Hybrid IC

Generic Pressure Sensor (1)
Generic Pressure Sensor (1)

Generic Pressure Sensor (2)
Generic Pressure Sensor (2)


  • Package development and construction of ASSY / Test production line systems
  • Construction of a system assembly for hybrid IC and COB for creating complex, high performance products
  • Construction of a flexible production system for products of various types in small amounts from prototyping to mass production
  • Testing technology that supports diversification, from function trimming to digital processing


  • Complex sensor modules for cellular phones (pressure, magnetic, acceleration sensors, etc.)
  • Highly-reliable sensors for vehicles
  • For generic sensors to meet the cost requirement by constructing a cost-conscious production system
  • For many other purposes, such as compatible constructions with other hybrid ICs
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