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Electronic Device Business / High Frequency Products (High Power Transistors for Industrial Use)

In order to meet the needs of wireless uses for cellular / vehicular use, we have prepared a rich lineup of products for HF to UHF bands as the company providing Mitsubishi Electric with silicon high frequency products, managing everything from development to manufacturing.
As a key part for work-related wireless, which keeps advancing, we promote increasing performance and expanding the lineup for silicon high frequency discrete MOSFET and RF modules, offering dynamic support for work-related wireless networks.

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We provide a broad, rich lineup, including wireless devices for government and public agencies, amateur wireless devices, and GSM / AMPS vehicle phones.

[Structure of circuits around a silicon high-frequency power device (amp modules, Tr.)]

[Example of products]

Maintaining a full lineup for the work-related wireless market
Up to 100 W and 1.3 GHz
Police, fire and ambulance, air traffic control / railroads, ships, disaster relief, taxi, vehicle phones, etc.

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