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2.4 GHz band IEEE802.15.4 / Zigbee ultra-compact telecommunication module.
Embed this in various devices to achieve wireless monitoring and remote control.

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This is a 2.4 GHz ultra-compact wireless telecommunication module.

  • Built-in chip antenna and cleared for use in Japan. You can just embed it in your device as it is and use it.
  • Also allows for an external antenna. Cleared for use in Japan.
  • Provided with the software for Zigbee and MAC versions. Creates a network by turning the power on.
  • The Zigbee version also supports mesh and multihop networks.

Module outline

  • Built-in chip antenna (External antenna terminal attached)
  • UART Serial Port
  • ADC x 2ch
  • SPI interface
  • GPIO
  • External interruptions x 2

Product specifications

Item Specifications Features
Frequency bandwidth 2.4 GHz 16 channels
Speed (logical) 250 Kbps / 500 Kbps / 1 Mbps High-speed telecommunication uses unique protocol (two-way)
Output +6 dBm Distance: Approx. 30 to 100 m
With external antenna: Approx. 60 to 200 m
Signal sensitivity -95 dBm
Security AES128 Tough encryption
Input voltage (core) 3.0 V Operates on low voltage
Consumed power Rx: 39 mA Tx: 49 mA
(6 dBm)
Approximately 1/2 compared to Bluetooth
Consumed power while on standby 1μA or less Ultra-low power consumption
Operating / storage temperature -20 to 70°C /
-30 to 80°C
Package 15 x 17 x 3.6 mm
(30 pin)


*Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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