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Personal Information Protection Policy

Our company strictly obeys the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other rules regarding the personal information of customers, clients, employees, etc., that our company handles in the course of work, and we strive to protect personal information based on the following policy.

  • Our company strictly obeys the law and appropriately handles and uses personal information.
    We use personal information to the extent that it is necessary to run our business.

    <About the handling of personal information (purpose for using personal information)>

    (1) Our company uses information we receive from customers in carrying out our contracts and transactions with our customers.

    (2) Our company uses our customers' personal information to provide appropriate, beneficial information to our customers, such as introducing products we handle and sending responses / materials for inquiries to our company.

  • Our company forbids the provision of personal information to a third party without the information owner's agreement in advance, except for cases determined by law or otherwise.

  • Our company shall maintain the accuracy of the personal information and shall take reasonable safety measures, as well as the necessary corrective measures, to prevent invalid access, loss, damage, falsification, or leaks, etc., of the personal information.

  • If we entrust personal data to a subcontractor, our company shall sign the necessary contract with an appropriate subcontractor and shall take any other legally required measures.

  • Upon confirming that the request is from the owner of the information, our company shall respond without delay to any request to release, revise, stop using, or delete, etc., the concerned personal data we possess.

  • Our company shall appoint a person responsible for the protection of personal information and shall properly manage personal information. Also, our company will train our employees (including officers, workers, dispatched workers, part-timers, etc.) about the protection and proper management of personal information, ensuring proper handling of personal information in everyday activities.

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