Procured Items Information
Miyoshi Electronics purchases the materials and facilities for telecommunication and Electronics devices , as we manufacture them.
Please send us your latest information of component parts and facilities, etc.
*For inquiries and reference of procurement items, please click on the description of the item(usage) to open the email page.
Type Usage(details) Application
1 Electronics Components .1. Printed-circuit board
.2. High-density mounting board such as LTCC, BUILD-UP
.3. Component parts for printed-circuit board mounting
.4. Component parts for information telecommunication equipments
.5. ASIC for communication equipments
2 Resin cases, metal processed parts, and cable assembled products .6. Resin cases for communication equipments
.7. Resin cases , sheet metal cases for office equipments
.8. Resin cases , sheet metal cases for industrial equipments
.9. Precision sheet metal processed products
10. Metal heat dissipation board
11. Metal, resin housing
12. Metal work for tooling jig and facilities
13. Cable assembly for circuit board
3 Ceramic board and pastes for thick film resistance board 14. For power supply control
15. For portable telecommunications equipment
16. For car electrical component parts IC
17. Conductor, resistance, and cross glass paste
18. The overcoat glass etc.
4 Development support 19. Communication equipments / contract development of hardware
20. Electronics devices circuit design
21. Contract software development
5 Packing material for products 22. Individual case and carton box for product shipment
23. Packing material for product shipment
24. Conductor bags, Plastic bags
25. Trays
26. User manuals
6 Plant facilities 27. Telecommunication equipments, thick film resistance circuit board, LCD module mounting, assembly facilities
28. Facilities in general for various semiconductor assemblies

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