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Message from the President

Thank you very much for your continued and outstanding support. The needs of our digital society are becoming more advanced and more diverse. To meet those needs, the Miyoshi Electronics Group aims to realize our corporate philosophy, “Always strive for new technology, create new value, and contribute to society.” We work to improve our development, design, and manufacturing prowess, to provide optimal solutions fit to our customers’ needs, and to make products that contribute to society based on the whole production management system, from development to manufacturing, that we have developed over many years.

I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of our customers, as well as promise to ensure even more thorough compliance, environmental preservation, and observation of social rules as we work in our business activities.

April, 2020
Miyoshi Electronics Corporation
President and CEO, Yasuhisa Maekawa

Corporate Statement

Contribution for the Country by Technology

Corporate Philosophy

Miyoshi Electronics Corporation shall always strive for new technology, create new value, and contribute to society, as well as develop our company and build happiness for each and every employee.

Management Policy

  • <Customer-Orientation>

    We suggest and provide products that customers enjoy and trust.

  • <Technical Innovation>

    We always strive for new technology and create new value.

  • <Self Innovation>

    We cherish each employee’s individuality and promote each one to innovate themselves.

  • <Global-Orientation>

    We turn our view to the world at large, advancing cooperation with others and aiming to be an international company.

  • <Social Contribution>

    We aim for harmony with the community and do everything we can for social development.

  • <Fair Return>

    We ensure a fair return, aiming to return profit to our shareholders and develop our company.

  • <Environmental Preservation>

    We strive to preserve and improve the global environment.

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