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Environmental Information

Certification for the international standard, ISO14001, for our environmental management system

Miyoshi Electronics has acquired the international standard ISO14001 certification for our environmental management system.

  • Certifying agency: Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality
  • Registration number: EC00J0325
  • Registration date: March 28, 2001

We strive to develop and manufacture products friendly to the local and global environment, with “Friendly to the environment and cherishing our resources and energy” as our theme.

Basic Environmental Philosophy

For sustainable human development on this Earth, we strive to continually preserve and improve our rich global environment through all of our business activities and employees' actions.

Environmental Motto

“Friendly to the environment and cherishing our resources and energy”

Environmental Policy

Miyoshi Electronics has the technical ability to develop and manufacture semiconductor devices, thick film substrates, wired/wireless devices, and applied electronic devices, and bears the role of reducing the burden on the environment from developing and manufacturing products.
Miyoshi Electronics considers environmental problems one of our important management issues. We have determined our environmental policy as shown below, applying this to all our business activities, products, and services while aiming for harmony with our business management. We strive to continually improve our environmental management system and prevent pollution before it occurs.

1. We work for the following items as our environmentally important management themes.

  • We improve and promote environmentally friendly designs in the development stage.
  • We prioritize using environmentally friendly materials (Green procurement).
  • We work for zero emission waste.
  • We reduce the amount of energy we use and our carbon dioxide emissions.
  • To achieve our theme of active disclosure of information related to environmental activity, we determine our environmental purpose and target, and develop specific activities.

2. We observe environmentally related laws, ordinances, and any other requirements that Miyoshi Electronics can agree to.

3. We strive for active communication with related agencies, local residents, and our clients, and also aim for harmony with and to contribute to the community.

4. We familiarize all Miyoshi Electronics employees with the environmental policy through environmental education and publicity activities.

5. This environmental policy is disclosed both inside and outside our company.

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